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In these difficult economic times – you as a business owner may be thinking about ways you can help support your community – both locally and globally. Including your customers in these philanthropic efforts with you can be even more rewarding.

Enabling donation buttons on your website to the cause of your choice can be one of the most effective ways to do this. So here is a tutorial on how you can easily, quickly and securely set up a donation button on your website using CoinPayments.

First, go to and log into your account. If you are not a merchant partner with Coinpayments yet – go ahead and click sign up to set up your account first. Don’t worry – it only takes about 5 minutes and not only will you be able to set up a donation button on your site – but you would also be able to start accepting cryptocurrency easily such as bitcoin, ethereum, tether, etc.

But back to the donations side of things. Navigate to the Merchant tools button and scroll down until you find the “donations button” section on the right-hand side of the page.

Here you will find all the tools you need to get started. First, click on the “donation button maker” link where you can start inputting all the necessary information. You start off with your Merchant ID (which can be found on the MyAccount page) and then continue down the line filling out pieces of information like the title for the donation, the amount, option invoice numbers, etc. Speaking of options – you’ll be able to see on the right-hand side which pieces of information are required, and which ones aren’t. You can even make landing pages that people are directed to after making a donation to thank them. You can also allow donors to adjust the amount, and you can even allow them to leave a note for you. So there are really a lot of ways to customize the look, feel, and customer experience of the donation process – based on your preferences.

There are a few button options to choose from and then there you go – you have a button for your website that can easily allow you to accept not only traditional fiat currencies like the USD or Euro – but cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum as well.

Now if you navigate back to the donation button section – you’ll see there are also options for an HTML post and some code you can use for donation buttons as well. This gives you plenty of options on how you want to incorporate the donation option into your business and with your customers.

Coinpayments actually recently did this themselves by partnering with Rainforest Partnership, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting tropical rainforests. Last year they were able to raise $70,000 in cryptocurrency donations to help rainforest conservation on a global scale.

I hope you found this video helpful. If you have any additional questions about how to incorporate a donations button your website using coinpayments – please leave a comment below – or reach out to the team at

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