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Are crypto donations a good Nonprofit fundraising strategy? So few nonprofits accept it that it’s currently a less competitive way to fundraise. #Nonprofits #Cryptocurrency #Fundraising

I’m always on the lookout for more and creative fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations. It’s tough out there! I talked to Pat Duffy from The Giving Block and learned a lot about how cryptocurrency works, its growing popularity (especially among Millennial and Gen Z donors), and how nonprofits might be leaving money on the table by not getting set up to accept cryptocurrency donations as soon as possible.

We talked about:
Bitcoin 101: What do nonprofits need to know about accepting bitcoin?
Is targeting cryptocurrency donations a strong nonprofit fundraising strategy?
Bitcoin Donation success stories
How to actually accept cryptocurrency donations and spend them
Cryptocurrency Donation Demographics – What does this new donor base look like?

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Pat Duffy is the Co-Founder of the The Giving Block, a company that helps nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations and fundraise using bitcoin. As I promised in the video, here’s their website:

PS – If you want to donate cryptocurrency to one of the nonprofits they work with, you can do that / check that out here:

PPS – Not a sponsored video – I just thought this was cool, and an area worth exploring!


00:00 Getting Started
00:46 How does crytpocurrency work?
03:33 Why should nonprofits target cryptocurrency? (Pros / Cons?)
05:20 Why would someone donate cryptocurrency?
06:48 What types of nonprofits might be most successful getting cryptocurrency donations?
09:14 Competition in getting cryptocurrency donations
12:58 How does a nonprofit get set up to take cryptocurrency?
14:20 How does my nonprofit convert / spend cryptocurrency?
15:26 Where do you find cryptocurrency donors?
18:05 What else do nonprofits need to know to be successful?

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