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-you’re holy to me-
Part 2:
News and FAQ:
I came up with the characters and story solely for this project; they are not “from” anything, just this! The nun’s name is Sanga (she/her), the Voa’s name is Ashivon (he/him), the kid’s name is Tselah (he/they), and you can find more about them here:

I want to thank the stream team and my patrons for their support and feedback!! You are all invaluable and I couldn’t have gotten this done without you.

Song: Church by Fall Out Boy
Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
$2 PDF of Concept Art:
This took me eleven months to make!

Putting the FAQ in the description as well in a desperate attempt to get more people to read it.
*Updated 2/28/’21*
FAQ! I won’t respond to any questions that are already addressed here.

*-Why is this so choppy?*
It’s an animatic, not an animation. An animatic is a storyboard in video form. You can find my actual animations elsewhere on this channel.

*-Will you finish animating this?*
Doing that on my own would take maybe five years, maybe more. So for now, no. I’d rather focus on other projects!

*-Make a novel/webtoon/show!*
I don’t have time for those things!

*-Will there be more videos in this series?*
There will be six videos in all by the end!

*-Am I the only one who wishes Sanga was a dude?*
You are not! But Sanga is a woman.

*-Do you have an Instagram?*
I’m toasty.glow on there! I do not post often!

*-Is this a DnD thing? / What inspired this?*
It’s not a DnD thing! I was inspired by an episode of Quantum Leap (the one with the boxer and the nun) and an old short comic I did in high school (it was bad).

*-Can I draw fanart/write fanfiction/design a character/do a DnD thing based on this?*
Hell yeah, just please remember to credit! But if you want to write something publishable for money, please make sure it’s your own fully original story. Writing “your own version” of my story is still fanfiction.

*-I want to share my fanart/fanfiction with you/others! How do?*
Tag it with @toastyglow on Tumblr or Twitter! Tag it with “escape from divinity” on tumblr!
I have a policy of not reading the fanfiction but here’s the tag on Ao3:

*-What’s the demon kid’s name, are they Ashivon’s child?*
Name is Tselah, not Ash’s kid.

*-What’s with the tattoos and symbols?*
*-Where do demons come from?*
*-What’s up with the church?*
*-I’m confused about something that happened*
*-Where’s the fanart?*
I reblog all my fanart on Tumblr here:
And here’s a google doc with all the worldbuilding so far (may be subject to change):

*-Why was Ashivon punished?*
He was punished for hesitating in his duty (i.e. killing the murderer in front of him, who in this case was just a child). He takes a step away from the kid, and they get pissed at him.

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