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Shot and edited by Josh Leong and Benjamin Hunt
Voice of David Platt
– 206 people went to Ethiopia, between the ages of 5-76 years old
– From 5 MBC campuses, representing 17 countries
– 554 one on one gospel conversations
– 17,108 people heard the gospel in large group presentation
– 700 people indicated making a first time decision
– 2500 total tracts handed out
– 750 total Bibles handed out
– 1,200 pastors trained in the healthy traits of a biblical church
– 30 Ethiopian volunteers to be mentors for at risk teen girls
– Interacted with 1000 orphans spanning 5 facilities
– 35 kids with special needs assessed and given care plans
– 40 orphanage workers trained in autism, cerebral palsy & body mechanics
– 12 volunteers trained to implement therapy plans for kids with special needs
– 1623 adult/pediatric patients seen and treated
– 150 dental (10 scaling patients, 10 root canal, 125 dental extraction and 5 restoration)
– 17 eye surgeries of all kinds, 100s more eye screenings and handed out reading glasses
– 15 EMT trainings (10 nurses and five drivers)
– Water tank installed in rural community to benefit 6000 people with clean drinking water
– Jinka team showed Jesus Film to 600 people in remote village
– 150 in Ethiopian Military encouraged by messages from pastoral staff
– Hawassa team helped local Child Evangelism Fellowship train 200 new Good News Club leaders in the Southern Region of Ethiopia
– Over 350 local leaders equipped to teach ESOL
– Through 2018 partnership commitment with Great Commission Ministries, over 70 new churches planted in hard-to-reach areas
– Child Evangelism partners currently reaching 50,000 children weekly through Good News Clubs nationwide
– Personal Hygiene orientation and training for approximately 80-100 kids (Kolfe)
– Major cleaning and restoration work for existing 20 bathrooms to resolve urgent sanitary issues (Kolfe)
– 40 mattresses ordered to replace old ones for all of the kids (Kolfe)

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