Lonely Places | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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Feeling lonely? Isolated? What if this season of loneliness is an opportunity?

In “Lonely Places,” Pastor Steven Furtick shows us that, not only will God meet us in our isolation, but we may even find an opportunity in it.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Living In A Lonely Season
4:20 – You Don’t Have To Be Alone 
5:34 – What He Came For (Mark 1, verses 35-45)
8:33 – Lonely Places
9:34 – Where Do You Hide?
12:00 – Aligning Yourself With Your Purpose
15:07 – How To Seek God In Isolation
18:58 – When Your Intention Is Set From Within
21:45 – Did You Come Here To Praise God?
24:17 – THIS Is Why Jesus Came (Mark 1, verse 40)
26:28 – You Are Not Your Issues
29:03 – Are You Willing To Press Past Your Issue?
32:36 – The Way Shame Operates
36:30 – For Those In A Lonely Place (Mark 1, verse 41)
40:15 – Your Issues Won’t Contaminate Jesus 
42:02 – Identified By Your Issues (Leviticus 13, verses 45-46)
44:40 – Jesus Will Do It Anyway
49:22 – God Will Meet You In Your Lonely Place (Mark 1, verse 45)
52:58 – Fill Every Lonely Place
55:00 – Will You Meet Me Here Again?

Lonely Places | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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