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Zhanna and her family have a simple but hard life in this gypsy camp in western Ukraine. They’ve lived here their entire lives, and barely have enough to eat and take care of their children. She and her husband are especially worried about their youngest daughter Kristina, who suffers from a severe skin disorder.

“She is always in pain,” says Zhanna. “She cries constantly, and can’t sleep at night.”

Zhanna washes the little girl’s clothes by hand, cleans her neck, and applies the only cream she can afford.

“It doesn’t do anything to make her better or reduce her pain,” says Zhanna. “I can’t help her and I don’t know what to do.”

When CBN’s Orphan’s Promise organized a free medical outreach in this village, the pastor told us about Kristina and the rest of her family. We visited their home and saw how desperately the little girl needed help.

CBN’s dermatologist Lyubov Hachaturyan examined Kristina. “She was malnourished and under weight and we diagnosed her with bronchitis, disorders of her internal organs, and obviously dermatitis. But we will treat all of these problems for sure.”

We took the family food, clothes, and all the right medicines Kristina needed to recover. We taught Zhanna how to care of her daughter, Kristina’s condition started to improve immediately. To help the family, we gave them chickens, plus a washing machine so Kristina’s and everyone else’s clothes can be clean and fresh.

“She sleeps well, has good meals, and everything is going very well for us all,” says Zhanna.

A few months later, on our next trip to the village, we stopped to visit with Zhanna and her family. We were happy to see Kristina’s skin had cleared up and she had no pain at all. And Zhanna was having a much easier time taking care of her children.

“My life got so much better after you gave me a washing machine,” says Zhanna. “And because of your help, Kristina doesn’t get sick now. Thank you so much!”

This story first aired September 2012.

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